1. Avenue 64
    William Roper, Cassia Streb, & Tim Feeney

  2. Time Phase Trio (featuring the BCDs)
    Time Phase Trio

  3. blood::face
    Lily Guarneros Maase

  4. Ekphrastic Discourse
    James Ilgenfritz / Sandy Ewen / Michael Foster

  5. pieces & interludes
    Eli Wallace

  6. Blank Body
    Drew Wesely

  7. Altamirage
    Pauline Oliveros & James Ilgenfritz

  8. Evocation
    Andrew Cyrille, Elliott Sharp, & Richard Teitelbaum

  9. Circadian Etudes
    The Assembly For Distance Alchemy

  10. Bop Kabbalah​+​Voices: The Yiddish Song Cycle Live
    Ty Citerman

  11. Void Patrol
    Colin Stetson, Elliott Sharp, Billy Martin, Payton MacDonald

  12. The Third Room
    Andrea Parkins

  13. To Fight or Surrender
    Julie Herndon and Davor Vincze

  14. To Fight or Surrender (24bit/96kHz)
    Julie Herndon and Davor Vincze

  15. Hydra Nightingale
    Kyle Motl


  17. Precepts
    Eli Wallace

  18. June 2021 Streamfest Day 4

  19. Two Rooms from the Memory Palace
    Andrea Parkins

  20. Loss And Gain
    James Ilgenfritz, Brian Chase, Robbie Lee

  21. Mesmerics/Hindsight B
    Kyle Bruckmann

  22. Mesmerics/Hindsight A
    Kyle Bruckmann

  23. June 2021 Streamfest Day 3

  24. June 2021 Streamfest Day 2

  25. June 2021 Streamfest Day 1

  26. Jonah Rosenberg's Fabulous Trio - The Bulbous and The Budding
    Jonah Rosenberg

  27. Presences: mixed suite for five performers and nine instruments
    Matthew Goodheart & Broken Ghost Consort

  28. Aging
    Lucie Vítková / James Ilgenfritz

  29. The Redundancy of the Angelic: An Interluding Play
    Anna Heflin

  30. Alien Stories
    String Noise

  31. McGolrick
    Colin Cannon

  32. Stream Fest, Night IV, Dec 20th, 2020

  33. Stream Fest, Night III, Dec 19th 2020

  34. Stream Fest, Night II, Dec 18

  35. Stream Fest, Night I, Dec 17, 2020

  36. Filiseti Mekidesi
    Elliott Sharp Operas

    Red Desert Ensemble

  38. Bop Kabbalah+Voices: When You Speak of Times to Come (Ven Du Redst Fun Naye Tsaytn)
    Ty Citerman

  39. Bop Kabbalah+Voices: When You Speak of Times to Come (Ven Du Redst Fun Naye Tsaytn) (24bit/96khz)
    Ty Citerman

    Ensemble Consensus

  41. SONG CYCLING (24bit/96khz)
    Ensemble Consensus

  42. guitars, streets, resonances
    James Moore & Elliot Simpson

  43. The Ticket That Exploded
    James Ilgenfritz

  44. Trust Fall
    James Ilgenfritz

  45. You Scream A Rapid Language
    James Ilgenfritz

  46. Elective Affinities
    Andrea Parkins & Matthew Ostrowski

  47. Plastový Hrad
    Elliott Sharp

  48. Berlin Head Metal
    Matthew Goodheart

  49. Geologic Time
    Chris Cochrane / Stuart Popejoy

  50. MZM
    Miya Masaoka, Zeena Parkins, Myra Melford

  51. The Music of J. P. A. Falzone
    Providence Research Ensemble

  52. Panthalassa: Dream Music of the Once and Future Ocean
    Ben Richter

  53. Origami Cosmos
    James Ilgenfritz

  54. cheap&easy OCTOBER
    Object Collection

  55. Port Bou
    Elliott Sharp

  56. Rub Out The Word
    Steve Buscemi & Elliott Sharp

  57. Works 2011-14
    Devin Maxwell

  58. The Dust Moves
    Dan Blake with Mivos Quartet

  59. Floorplan I
    James Ilgenfritz

  60. Fountain of Youth
    Colonic Youth

  61. Awayland
    James Ilgenfritz

  62. Compositions (Braxton) 2011
    James Ilgenfritz


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"OOTHER LOOUD MUZIK -Clozn vp Pageants since 2012" We presents new work by emerging composers & performers in New York City & elsewhere. We seek to locate a post-downtown musical practice in & out of New York City. Conceptually we support music that treats the AACM, MEV, Sonic Arts Union, No Wave, the New York School, and Vision / Arts For Art as antecedents to one emerging post-millennial genre. ... more

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