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Eli Wallace: pieces & interludes

by Eli Wallace

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Eli Wallace’s first studio solo piano album - pieces & interludes - is a collection of four pieces (compositions) and three interludes in juxtaposition with each other. The pieces materialized from intentional experimentation with specific piano preparations that came to define the content and generate the morphology. However, the entire album is improvised; there’s no score. These compositions are a framework for spontaneity.

The interludes are spliced contiguously from a much longer work and provide contrast to the intense intimacy of the pieces, taking the listener out for a few minutes before dropping them back into the intensity of the next piece. The music directs the listener into the piano, inviting them to share not only the cochlear experience but also the kinesthetic experience of the performer. Therefore, this work is an intimate expression of Wallace’s relationship to the piano, an uncompromisingly personal manifesto that encapsulates his lifelong love of the instrument.


released November 12, 2022

Eli Wallace - solo piano, preparations, compositions, concept

Part A:

piece 1 (0:00-11:20)
interlude 1 (11:20-15:20)
piece 2 (15:20-24:14)
interlude 2 (24:14-27:16)

Part B:

piece 3 (0:00-6:38)
interlude 3 (6:40-10:10)
piece 4 (9:51-19:45)

Liner Notes by Drew Wesely:

Although any language deals in the symbolic exchange of
concepts, this limitation can sometimes be turned on itself to
allow the relationships between liminal spaces of meaning
contained within these concepts to point to a layer of experiential
reality beyond its own linguistic context.

This seemed the only appropriate course of action to attempt to
describe in language something so effortlessly beyond it.

mist of creation

translucent fluid forms the horizon

the first word
whispered into the earth

its ripples form the boundary between is and yes

superimposed on a pane of glass

an eruption of ink in water
seductive billows in lurid detail

and electricity

of glacial persistence

as if dreaming of its own desire

it’s experienced in the cascades
[of its form]

the vessel of its own expression

in fractal shards of mirror

biometric pulsations reflected as

quantum networks of probabilities

possible realities

obscured and reoriented
internal timeline
crystalized amber nostalgia
ritual smoke

[no memory of the birth process]

silent dimensions of cyclical landscape


flicker of existence

- Drew Wesely

LP and CD produced, engineered, and mixed by Michael Coleman
Mastered by Mark Allen-Piccolo
Designed by Dustin Krcatovich/Golden Feelings
Liner notes by Drew Wesely
Album artwork by Sandra Medina.

Conceptualized for vinyl, the CD and digital versions are in faux LP format with only two tracks, intended to be consumed as if listening to side A and then B.

Special thanks to everyone who made this project come to fruition: Michael Coleman, Mark Allen-Piccolo, Drew Wesely, Ben Cohen, Grace Chen, my family Beth Harris, Rick Wallace, Luke Wallace, Liza Wallace, and Sandra Medina.


all rights reserved



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